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Sand-/Wassertisch, blau

Für Sand und Erde
... Die höhenverstellbare (44 - 58 cm) blaue Kunststoffwanne besitzt einen Ablaufstopfen für Wasser. Der Deckel kann zum Abdecken oder als Ablageboden einsetzt werden. Das  aus Stahlrohr, pulverbeschichtet Gestell hat zwei Rollen zum leichten Transport.

Material: Kunststoff, Metall
Maße: 89 x 63 x 44 - 58 cm
Ab 2,5 Jahre

EAN: 4260081542059

Sand & Water Table, Blue

A table can be used for writing or for playing!

... Flexible with locking casters, the wheels are attached to two legs for easy transport and all legs are adjustable to suit children's height. The tub can be lifted right out for easy cleaning and the lid fits snugly and easily on top of the tub. The lid can be used as a writing or drawing surface when filled with sand, or a storage shelf when placed underneath the tub on the rack. The water flow can be controlled by the drainage plug. For fastest drainage, take the plug off. Stimulate children's sense of touch and calm their emotion down. Help children learn the essence of sand and water. Promote sharing and interaction among children. Allow children to discover the joys of creativity and role-playing. Capacity: 4-6 people.

Material: PE, metal
Measurements: 89 x 63 x 44-58 cm
Age restriction: 1.5 years & up

Caution! Not suitable for children under 18 months!

Artikelnummer: KT2001-00B
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