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We-Block Spiegel

Verschiedene Gesichter kannst Du haben
... Jedes dieser 6 Elemente aus hochwertigem Kunststoff hat unterschiedliche Sicherheitsacrylspiegel. Ob Plan, Konkav oder Konvex, als Würfel, Wandspiegel oder Bodenspiegel.

Material: Kunststoff
Maße: 40 x 40 x 5 cm
Ab  6 Monate

EAN: 4260197670448

Achtung! Für Kinder unter 6 Monaten nicht geeignet!

Reflector Cube

Big cubes construct kids' dream castle

... We-Blocks consist of 4 items, KT1001-KT1004, each is compatible to one another, easy to assemble and dis assemble. Consist of 6 different types of mirrors, including concave, convex, funhouse, etc. Made of safe and durable high quality mold-in mirrors. Bring children's curiosity and desire to explore as well as fulfill their interest of looking into the mirrors. From the distortion of images in the mirror (i.e. faces appear extremely wide or narrow, etc.), children will not only have a good laugh but also learn about the basic concepts of physics. Tactile Cube, Reflector Cube, Construction Tower and Gears can be played together. Content: 1 x concave, 1 x convex, 1 x flat, 1 x funhouse concave, 1 x convex, 1 x 2-concave-2-convex.

Material: PE
Measurements: 40 x 40 x 5 cm
Age restriction: 6 months & up

Caution! Not suitable for children under 6 months!

Artikelnummer: KT1002
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