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Edusante Nummern-Schilder für Fahrzeuge

Toll für Rollenspiele:
... Zwei verschiedene Sets Magnetschilder. Die Edusante Magnetschilder sind für die "ES"-Fahrzeugserie konzipiert. Auf der Frontplatte der Dreiräder und Fahrräder lassen sich die magnetischen Schilder kinderleicht anbringen und austauschen. Die Magnetschilder können auch auf anderen Metalloberflächen, z. B. der Kühlschrank-Türe oder Whiteboards, angebracht werden. Inhalt: 6 Magnetschilder mit Ziffern 1-6.

Material: PE, Metallfolie
Maße: 15 x 15 x 0,1 cm

EAN: 4260586153996


Edusante plates with numbers for vehicles

Great for role play! The Edusante Magnetic Sets are designed for the ES series of trikes and bikes.
... Early childhood education is an important step in formal education. It has been revered as the beginning to the health and education of children by the European community, where these concepts are believed to have originated. Edusante is a portmanteau of the words "edu" and "santé", edu is the abbreviation of education and santé stems from French: meaning health. Our mission is to build a healthy and active life for young children through engaging activities with our products, we set our goals to align with our vision. We integrate learning with play. With Weplay's high level of expertise in early childhood education, we collaborate our design objectives with innovative production techniques to create Edusante trikes. We intend to create more exceptional products at Edusante that helps to promote chrildren's body movement and stimulate their creativity while they learn happily. Features: The Magnetic Number Set is perfect for children to develop number recognition for the numbers 1-6. Magnetic design enables children to attach or remove easily. Magnetic Signs can also be attached on metal or other magnetic surfaces. Play value: Magnetic Number Set helps children learn about numbers and solve basic math problems. Enhance children's hand- eye coordination and fine motor skills while attaching and removing magnetic signs from various surfaces.

Material: PE, magnet-foil
Measurements: 15 x 15 x 0.1 cm

Artikelnummer: EM5530
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