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Easy Trike klein

Die Kinder lernen
... Balance, Koordination und motorische Fähigkeiten richtig einzusetzen. Designed in den traditionellen chinesischen Farben rot und gelb, welche für Glück und Zufriedenheit stehen. Mit hohem Lenker und niedrigem Sitz. Das gibt den Kindern das Gefühl, als würden sie in einem Auto sitzen. Belastbar bis 40 kg.

Material: Stahlrohr, Gummi, Kunststoff
Maße: 78 cm lang, 55 cm breit, Lenkerhöhe 50 cm, Sitzhöhe 17,5 cm

EAN: 4260081546101

Achtung! Dieses Spielzeug hat keine Bremse.

Easy Trike

The high handlebars and low seat
... emulate a recumbent bicycle. Kids will love the car-like feel. Parents will appreciate the exercise it provides. Our tricycles are designed for youngsters. The unique streamline shape of the trike body and its comfortable seat can bring young children lots of fun and exercises. Young children will be able to enhance their sense of balance, coordination and motor skills through riding the trike. Red and yellow are traditional Chinese colors which represent fortune, happiness and luck. In addition, red is one of the primary colors, and a sign of caution. That's the reason why the first phase of Weply trikes is all in red and yellow. Weplay Trikes: It is firm, steady and durable. It is made by firm iron tube. The design of wheel is seamless and closely knit. You don't need reinflat it because of the spacious wheel. Whole trikes body is made by iron, and it won't fade or rust. The handle and wheel are made by TPE, non-toxic and recycle. It is not only suitable for the kindergarten with high used frequency, but also suitable for the family kids. Improve movement coordination. The seat is thick, and the wheel is safe and steady. Max. load: 40 kg.

Material: PP, TPE, Nylon, Iron
Measurements: 78 x 55 x 50.4 cm, seat height: 17.5 cm

Suitable from 3 to 5 years!

Artikelnummer: KM5514
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